Fräsch is excited to collaborate with 14six8 on a new line of high-performance acoustical finishings. Through the shared vision of creating contemporary acoustical elements from sustainable and recycled material, our 14six8 line draws on inspiration from natural elements to produce acoustic friendly office solutions.

The acoustic collection explores the reaction and interaction of pieces designed not only for acoustic performance but as art that stirs the emotions of the spaces they inhabit. From ceilings to walls, our 14six8 line focuses on strong visual appeal with a series of statement pieces that are both functional and contemporary.

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Acoustical 14six8 Solutions


DEW harnesses form and function in this high performance, suspended acoustic system. Each cloud is fully customizable to size, volume and color and can be created to fit any space, from small studio spaces and offices through to large, multi-volume reception areas, galleries and auditoriums. These infinite assembly configurations allow artistic design potential to be redefined, ensuring every environment stands out as a unique architectural statement and transforming ceilings and soffits into exciting, sound-absorbing suspended landscapes.

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Redefine your design vision with the structural aesthetics of Vine to create maximum visual impact as well as enhanced acoustic performance.

The dynamic modularity of the system allows for the configuration of small, independent suspended rafts over workstations and other defined spaces to seamless and continuous expanses of reverberated sound diffusing visual interest with the capability of been adapted to any size or shape ceiling footprint.

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Ceiling design is elevated to another dimension with POLLEN, a modular, geometrically inspired ceiling system that is fully customizable for horizontal volume and color configurations.

Whether creating a suspended homogeneous plane or as multiple depths of field, creative curiosity is inspired for the design of large volumes of space where superior acoustic considerations are paramount.

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HARMONY embraces style, form and function to bring intimacy and acoustic comfort to the forefront of any environment, whether over-work desks, boardroom tables or suspended as artistic volumes in large open space areas and reception areas.

HARMONY is created from two-dimensional profiles and assembled to unveil a three-dimensional geometric shell, which acts as a barrier for reverberating sound, and is available in a vast array of solid, patterned or customizable panels to create unique solutions.

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Due to the ever-increasing popularity of open-plan office spaces as well as more staff working remotely and only coming into work occasionally, hot-desking is becoming more and more prevalent. The idea behind HIDE is to give every employee their own space to concentrate without visual distractions. Because we use acoustic material, HIDE helps absorb sound in any office space prone to the noisy hustle and bustle of a busy office environment.

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Kaya is a dynamically modular, acoustic building block system which will free design imagination and architectural freedom in creating dividing walls, rooms and spaces within building envelopes.

With an industrial aesthetic Kaya can be configured in an almost unlimited variety of options to desired length, height and direction.

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An incredible acoustic presence is achieved with SWARM – a self-constructed and free-standing modular system that can be easily assembled to any desired length, height or linear configuration. Open-plan spaces can be divided into an array of almost infinite configurations to suit any size or footprint and its modularity provides the choice of disassembling and rearranging as a day two scenario.

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Synergy is a stand-alone architectural “space within a space” acoustic element which will enhance any envelope, whether it be within office environments for meetings and brainstorming sessions, reception lobbies and even hospitality spaces such as restaurants to create private cocoons.

The faceted faces absorb reverberated sound, deflecting and diffusing from all angles, offering a space of acoustic calm internally while reducing external sound attenuation.

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Whether it be a single unit suspended over a workstation or a cluster of units suspended in an almost unlimited array of patterns, levels and angles, Timber is sure to create a modern expression of creative freedom in acoustic ceiling design.

Timber can be fitted with high-performing LED fixtures.

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Designed to morph into any space it inhabits like a suspended amoeba, Facets creates stark visual appeal with the organic layout it metamorphoses into.

With the enhanced acoustic performance and progressive modularity to fit virtually any room size, Facets is a suspended acoustic system which yields much design impact.

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Timber can be fitted with high-performing LED fixtures. Timber can be used to define individual spaces as clusters or arranged to encompass entire ceiling footprints in almost any desired pattern or orientation that creativity can allow offering an extraordinary degree of uniqueness to every installation.

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HARMONY GLOW is created from two-dimensional profiles and assembled to unveil a three-dimensional geometric shell, which acts as a barrier for reverberating sound, and is available in a vast array of solid, patterned or customizable panels to create unique solutions.

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