Acoustical Baffles

Not sure where to start when it comes to baffles?

Our design team has thoughtfully crafted a series of premium acoustic baffle designs which bring a custom element to any space, while also providing sound dampening benefits.

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Acoustical Baffle Solutions


BAFL is a modern take on the traditional ceiling baffle with optimal sound-absorbing properties. BAFL creates a contemporary look while reducing reverberation in any room, particularly effective in spaces with high ceilings. Create a beautiful and highly functional acoustical ceiling baffle installation by choosing a monotone color scheme or picking accents from our extensive color palette. Give your space the silent treatment! BAFL is the perfect solution for optimal sound ambiance in any space.

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Light and sound work together in perfect harmony. LIT BAFL is our traditional BAFL incorporating high performance LED fixtures to use independently or incorporate into a mixed design. Sound-absorbing materials to create architectural elements that optimize your lighting and sound absorption needs. Each fixture creates a coordinated look that reduces unwanted reverberation in your space while providing optimized, energy-efficient, dimmable illumination. LIT BAFL is a true blend of engineered aesthetic solutions for both the visual and auditory senses.

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The subtle fluid movement of this baffle creates a relaxing yet interesting ceiling treatment. The shape and construction of the CANOE BAFL creates a larger internal air cavity for improved sound absorption performance.

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Modern, elegant, yet highly effective for most stubborn acoustical challenges. SKINNY BAFL offers exceptional acoustical performance in the form of a contemporary, slimmer take on traditional baffling. Made from recycled acoustical PET felt. Make yours straight or wavy using over 37 different colors. An embedded threaded coupler makes an install into a standard Unistrut a breeze.

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WAFL BAFL is an acoustical ceiling fixture that provides a diagonal shape and dimension to an exposed industrial or gypsum ceiling.  Each 4’x4’ pre-assembled module is easily attached to a Unistrut channel or into decking using aircraft cable and then fastens together to make a repeatable waffle grid. The unique folded felt pattern gives the lightweight shape rigidity and thickness while the material and geometry provide excellent NRC performance.  The WAFL baffle also has an option to accept a 4’ linear LED light that creates a direct downlight with the appearance of an indirect illuminated glow.

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Simple and beautiful, create height or a patterned design with optimal acoustic performance. Easily connect the baffles together for a quick installation and clean-lined aesthetic.

BOX BAFL is also available with incorporated downlighting as BOX LIT and can be used independently as lighting or interspersed with unlit BOX BAFL for an entire streamlined ceiling installation.

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BLADE BAFL is similar to our classic BAFL but designed with one continuous piece of felt, allowing for flush edging on the sides. BLADE BAFL provides superior, high-efficiency sound absorption while maintaining a contemporary, streamlined look. The interior air cavity provides exceptional sound absorption. Comes in three lengths or can be made to accommodate custom dimensions.

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TILT BAFL is a unique twist on the classic BAFL system. Create an angled aesthetic while providing optimal acoustics to any space. Our patent pending TILT BAFL Bracket allows the baffles to be installed at an angle to create a fan-like look. TILT BAFL comes in three standard lengths with custom sizing available. Baffles come predrilled and ready for quick assembly and easy installation.

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TRI BAFL provides the same exceptional sound performance as our classic baffles in an upgraded, unique design. The triangular geometry presents clean angles that can be positioned in numerous ways, creating a custom aesthetic. Pre-installed brackets and included hardware make for easy installation.

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